The Cycle Continues – final preparations

Everything is packed and I am almost finished and ready to go. I feel well prepared  – is what I would like to tell myself, but that’s not exactly how my inner and outer environment looks like. 

I really enjoy the whole preparation part, making lists of things that need to get done, browsing the internet and researching robust but still lightweight gear, looking around what other cyclists are taking and what I think I might need for the upcoming trip. I think it’s always a compromise between weight, durability of the item and my personal comfort. The moment of truth for those decisions will be somewhere along the route in the near or distant future. I am packing things for occasions that might arise or not arise. A list of things I ended up taking with me, will be published on this site very soon.

While I’ve come a long way and a lot of things are already done an in order, I realized that the remaining time is getting less much faster than the things that need be done. I started to feel stressed out and figured that there might be some kind of co-relation between the way I feel and my bad time management skills.

I decided to leave the organization-loophole for a few days, spend some time with Christina and take the chance to go to Moritz’s birthday Party. He had booked a hut in the Diemtig-valley in Switzerland (south of Bern) which was the last chance to meet many friends and my brother Daniel for a long time. 

We had great food, mostly nice weather, an amazing hike and enjoyed gathering in and around the rustic Sennhütte Ottenschwand. Together with my brother (Thank you for taking those pictures) I had the pleasure of undertaking a (probably) last ride without all the luggage =)

As the departure day is not moving further away – I decided to give myself some more time and leave on may, 15th instead of the 10th, as initially planned.

I am writing this, while lying in the back of the bus we’ve borrowed from my dad to go to Switzerland. It is raining outside and we’re parked somewhere around Constance (at Lake Constance), where we stopped for a night on our way back.

We’ll be back by this evening, so there are about 6 days left to prepare bike and myself to leave. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I get back.


  1. Soulier Avatar

    Nice TT shirt on the bike 😎 David

  2. Moritz Avatar

    Have a good ride! My mind is already wandering with you.

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