Hello Hello,

I am Benjamin, a passionate cyclist and adventure lover. My girlfriend Christina and I decided to say goodbye to our old lives in May 2021 and left behind our regular jobs and flat in Stuttgart, Germany to pursue our passions in a new way.

Before I embarked on this journey, I worked as an electrician in Stuttgart, honing my skills and gaining experience in the field of PCB-Design.

Initially it felt kind of scary to leave our old lives behind – but simultaneously it was quite liberating and exhilarating, it has opened up so many doors and endless possibilities which we’re eager to explore. Even though I always enjoyed my job, I just knew there was much more to life than the daily grind.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic put our travel plans on hold as traveling was – we all remember – impossible during those times

In the meantime we decided to work at a mountain hut and started at the „Staufner Haus“ in Allgäu near Oberstaufen where we lived and worked for the summer season (May-October 2021).

We had the best time with the tenant Lukas and his family at the hut. The days were long and exhausting, but it was a chance to immerse ourselves in the outdoors, meet various interesting people, learn new skills, go hiking and experience living in the mountains.

The summer was over and travel circumstances didn’t look much better than before. We ended up staying at my parents house during the winter and decided to visit Tenerife in March 2022. I took my road bike with me and had a lot of fun exploring the amazing landscapes and the beautiful roads. Later that year we crossed the Alps and cycled all the way to Tuscany.

Unfortunately during this time we found out that my dad had serious health issues. Once more, our traveling plans were put on hold, it didn’t feel right to continue our journey and to be so far away from my family during those times. We decided to start a job at an alternative/eco-friendly camping ground, close to my family’s home, where we would live and work until autumn 2022.

After our time at the camping ground we decided to go back to the hut up in the mountains (Staufner Haus) but this time for the winter session. Since we had such a good time in 2021 plus knowing that this would be the last season for Lukas (the tenant) and his family – as they decided to quit after the winter – we instantly knew we would like to support them on their final season.

The winter up there was a completely different experience given the colder weather, the snow covered landscape, and fewer guests, but again we loved being surrounded by nature and enjoyed its sheer beauty everyday. We had wonderful time and yet again and our last day ended with an unforgettable goodbye party *-) 


While staying at the hut Christina and I decided, that we would like to pursue different paths for the time being but don’t you worry our adventures will cross again soon. We wanted to give ourselves the freedom and space to follow our own dreams hence I’ll embark on my great cycle journey by myself – #thecyclecontinues. 

Cycling has been a part of my life for a long time, and I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the thrill and freedom of exploring different places on two wheels. I’ve been commuting to work by bike for many years and I loved the sense of freedom and independence that came with pedaling to the office each day. I’ve also taken on a few cycling adventures over the years., in 2018, I cycled from Stuttgart to Amsterdam, taking in the beautiful changing countryside along the way. I embarked on another cycling adventure in 2016 together with my brother – we cycled from Vienna to Italy, crossing Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. 

I really enjoyed those shorter adventures and have been wanting to take it a step further for a long time now. I believe that taking risks and trying new things is essential for personal growth and happiness. My hope is to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and to pursue their passions, whatever it may be.

Come along and join my cycling adventure – #the.cyclecontinues 

Cycling south Bavaria, Germany

Bolzano, Italy